Japanese Cuisine, the Right Blend of Healthy and Tasty Food

One of the oldest cuisine in the world, the Japanese cuisine has a very assorted and affluent culinary record. It is very healthy, nutritious and filled with energy. Whether you are looking for stewed dishes, steamed dishes, deep-fried dishes, grilled dishes, or vinegared dishes you can get a magnificent range to decide from. Some of the well-liked Japanese recipes consist of Donburi, Congee, Sushi, Taiyaki, Okinawa Soba and Sashimi.

List of few recipes

Donburi  A yummy and delectable main course meal, Donburi is served to you with mouth watering toppings, hot and steamed rice and thick sauces. A few of the accepted and desired Donburi toppings comprise of seasoned beef, breaded pork cutlets, battered shrimp, tuna sashimi, and broiled eels.

Congee – The Congee is a conventional Japanese food made up of eggs and rice. This easily digestible and simple dish is very high on taste. It is a great healthy and delicious breakfast for children. The seafood congee, meat congee and mushroom congee are the variety of the congee family. A super appetizer congee is the best starter following the long meal.

Sushi – A well liked and renowned food across the world, Sushi is prepared from steamed vinegared rice and served to you with a broad array of toppings. It is one of the trademark recipe in the Japanese cuisine.  It is a scrumptious dish that includes toppings like soft shell crab meats, chopped scallops,  barbecued salmon skins, and spicy tunas. Sushi is ideal for brunch or dinner, served on wooden geometric shaped plates.

Taiyaki – Japanese sweets and desserts can leave you spoilt for choice. Taiyaki are the delicious fish shaped snacks that are usually filled with sweet azuki red beans. It is a blend of a cake and a waffle, which is cooked on the bream (or Japanese ‘tai’) shaped hob. This Japanese recipe is thoroughly a fun to prepare and eat. Other favorite sweet dishes in Japanese cuisine are manju, dango and higashi.

Okinawa Soba –  A zesty noodle dish, Okinawa Soba is prepared from steamed pork and wheat flour. This recipe has an amazing past and was only enjoyed by the Ryuku Kingdom royal members. This dish was banned for the commoners, but now the ban is lifted and open to be served for the commoners too.

Sashimi – The dipping sauce and fresh garnishes make Sashimi another popular choice of Japanese cuisine. Sashimi is prepared with the tiny pieces of meat and fresh seafood. The most desired sashimi family recipes comprise of skipjack tuna Sashimi, puffer fish Sashimi, chicken breast Sashimi, horse meat Sashimi and deer meat Sashimi. Your lunch becomes all the more special and sumptuous with this Japanese dish.

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