Ecommerce Website Design Trends for Your Leicestershire Store

Trends are generally some of the best ways of ensuring you are adhering to best practices when it comes to ecommerce website design in Leicestershire.  If you are following the latest trends, you are likely to build an ecommerce site with up to date features that are in tune with current shopping behavior and trends. For example, mobile commerce is one of the biggest trends lately as more users are adopting smartphones and using the mobile devices in order to browse the internet. Mobile traffic is also growing at an exponential rate so if your ecommerce Leicester website is optimized for mobile, you are going to be missing out on a very important market. Here are some of the main ecommerce trends that you need to adopt for online stores:

Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design has been one of the strongest trends in the last few years and it is still a major ecommerce web development trend.  It refers to the practice of creating websites that will be responsive to the screen resolutions with which they are viewed. They will scale accordingly in order to offer users optimal view in all kinds of screen resolutions. This is usually accomplished through a variety of web development technologies and tools such as the use of Media Queries capable of trimming down excess content as the screen size reduces.

eCommerce website design in Leicestershire

Flat web design

This is another important trend when it comes to ecommerce website design in Leicestershire. It has been a popular trend over the last two years. It refers to building websites which are less “ornate”. The designer does not focus on the ornamental elements which make the website look beautiful but on the layout of website based on color and typography. More companies are hiring the best web designers Leicester has in order to help them realize the flat web layout.

Layouts which are Touch-Friendly

This is still a mobile trend in ecommerce website design in Leicestershire. Because shoppers now prefer shopping right out of their mobile devices, it is best that the websites are not just responsive but also optimized for the tap and touch functionality of mobile environment. For example, using larger links and buttons would make for great mobile functionality.

Video Content

Video is a very powerful content marketing tool and an increasing number of people now even prefer watching the videos on their mobile devices. It is a good medium to deliver dense and powerful marketing content without “littering” the ecommerce website.

More Content on a Single Page

Users hate opening multiple pages to view information about products and many ecommerce  solutions Leicester market has today now offer a variety of solutions that enable users to view content on a single page, for example with the use of pop-ups. Instead of opening a new page to view content, users can simply hover or click to view the desired content. This also cuts down on the on-page loading time and makes the website perfectly suited for mobile viewership. There is also the use of scrolling. Content can be put on one page and as it is scrolled, it opens easily to reveal the content. These are some of the factors which are reducing the page load time when it comes to ecommerce websites.

Incorporating these in your web design allows you to have cleaner and lighter modern websites that will lead to higher conversions for your business. Look for an ecommerce solutions Leicester has that is capable of integrating these powerful features in your ecommerce web design.

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